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WOWZA! This DIY is one for the books.

Covering a plain old piece of furniture with a unique hand painted design seems like a job for a professional, but it can actually be done at home in 4-5 days (putting this into perspective: not that much time for a beautiful piece that will last forever.)

Firstly, you may need to sand down the piece of furniture to ensure that it’s all even and smooth (this may be the most difficult part)

Next, remove all hinges and hardware. 

Apply 1-2 coats of primer, I recommend 2. It’s an extra step but it will make all the difference (Make sure that it is evenly coated. 1 will most likely not suffice.)

Once that has dried, paint the piece one solid colour (Anything you like! Stick to what suits you and your living space. Black, white, neon, whatever!)

To create the print above, tape off an even diamond pattern around the piece and fill the open diamond spaces with another colour paint (It can be lighter, darker, pastel, etc. The contrast between the dark blue and the cream is lovely in the photo.) Then, remove the tape and feather out the edges of the diamonds with more creme paint (If your into a cleaner look, you can leave the diamonds precise and clean. This is totally up to you!) 

Only after the diamonds have dried, you can paint the centres the base colour of your piece (i.e.: black if you originally painted your piece black) and add other colours for detail (i.e.: red and pink like in the image above.)

Once everything is dry, you can add clear varnish if you’d like a shiny polished look.

Add hardware and you’re (finally) done.

Get creative with colours and patterns! The photo provided can be used as inspiration but your DIY furniture doesn’t need to be an exact replica.

Be patient with this once. The outcome can be awesome!

For more details from the original artist, click here.

Good luck and happy DIYing!


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